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various kinds of apples

Nationales Inventar Pflanzengenetischer Ressourcen (PGRDEU)



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Overview of research options in PGRDEU

Page-Title: List of crops and crop wild relatives


Which plant species are cultivated in Germany? Which wild plants are of current or potential importance for food and agriculture? PGRDEU provides the answer with the list of plant genetic resources.

Page-Title: Ex situ collections


In which German genebank is seed and planting material of a certain variety conserved? PGRDEU answers this question under "Ex situ collections".

Page-Title: In situ occurrences


Which of the native wild plants have significance for plant breeding? Where does the wild vine or wild celery grow? PGRDEU offers answers in the section "In situ occurrences".

Page-Title: On farm inventory


Who carries out on farm management in Germany? Where can I find seeds or planting materials of old varieties nearby? PGRDEU helps you with this search!


Page-Title: Genebank material


Many old varieties are conserved in genebanks or by conservation initiatives and sometimes find their way back into wider use. Variety descriptions that reveal characteristics relevant to their reintroduction are helpful in this process.


Page-Title: Historical variety descriptions


Which vegetable varieties were used between 1850 and 1950? How were these varieties described? Answers can be found in the database „Historical variety descriptions“.


Page-Title: Red List of crops


Which varieties were once used on a larger scale in Germany, but then were abandoned or forgotten? The Red List of endangered native crops of Germany provides an overview.


Page-Title: Varieties for Diversity


"Varieties for Diversity" steht für deutsche Spitzensorten, die von ihren Züchtern in das Multilaterale System des Internationalen Saatgutvertrages gestellt werden, um sie für Züchter in aller Welt verfügbar zu machen. In PGRDEU können diese Sorten recherchiert werden.