List of crop and crop wild relative species in Germany

Which plant species are cultivated in Germany? Which wild plants are of current or potential importance for food and agriculture? PGRDEU provides the answer with the list of plant genetic resources.

List of crop and crop wild relative species in Germany

As part of the National Program for Plant Genetic Resources in Germany, a comprehensive list of all cultivated and wild plant species occurring in Germany, which have a current or potential use for food, horticulture, agriculture and forestry, has been compiled.

Currently, the list comprises about 3,600 species with different forms of use, whereby "ornamental plant" and "breeding" use have so far only been rudimentarily processed.

The list of crop and crop wild relative species includes the following forms of use:

AG Medicinal and aromatic plants (including poisonous, medicinal plants, stimulants and plants used for spiritual purposes).
BW Nectar source plants
EW Protein-producing plants
FG Woody plants
FU Forage plants
KH Carbohydrate supplying plants (including starch, inulin, sugar)
ÖF Oil and fat producing plants
OG Fruit and vegetables
TK Technical crops (energy, dyeing-, and fibre plants, green manure, renewable resources other than wood)
WEL Crop wild relative
WS Windbreak and shade trees (including erosion control, ground cover)
ZG Ornamentals and foliage plants (including cut foliage, aquarium and house plants)
Use in breeding and breeding research

To compile the list of crop and crop wild relative species in Germany, numerous experts from the research and breeding sectors were involved and the following sources were consulted:

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