Information concerning data protection

As the BLE places high priority on the protection of personal data, this web-site collects and stores user data solely in anonymised form and for optimisation purposes only. You cannot be identified as a visitor of this site by way of these data and no user profile can be established. Data collected exclusively serve the purpose of improving the service the BLE offers via its web page.

This web page can be used without providing personal information. Only if you use the contact form you are asked to fill in the personal information required to process your request. We do try to ask you for absolutely indispensable details only. If you send us an E-mail, this E-mail and your E-mail address shall solely be used for correspondence with you.

Only in case of a legal obligation or an obligation pursuant to a court decision, or in case of attacks against the BLE internet infrastructure which might require legal action or prosecution shall data be transmitted and/or connected to personal details within the legally prescribed extent and volume.

Which data does the BLE store?

  • Technical data

    Every PC that can be used to access the internet receives a so-called IP address (Internet Protocol Address) when dialling in. This technically necessary address is a figure made up of up to 12 digits in four blocks. With every internet offer that you visit, the respective server recognises this IP address and logs it in a technical protocol. Whenever a user goes to the BLE web page, the IP number is stored in a log file next to the viewed page. This occurs automatically on every internet server. For the statistical evaluation of page views, only the first two blocks of the IP numbers are visible to assure anonymisation of the respective data.
    Generally, the browser you use to view the BLE online offer, transmits data such as the type of browser and operating system used, web pages viewed prior to visiting the BLE page and the one viewed directly after you left the BLE page. These data are also logged in the technical protocol.

  • Page views

    The evaluation programme registers, when a page was viewed, which page was viewed before and which one immediately after that.

Which evaluation software does the BLE use?

Data are evaluated by AWStats, which allows the analysis of search terms used during browsing through the BLE web pages. AWStats meets data protection requirements.

You would like to learn more about safe surfing?

To find out how to use cookies and other extensions safely and how to set your browser properly, please refer to the web page [], sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV).