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In situ occurrences


Projects for conservation of crop wild relatives

The below list contains procjects promoted and supervised by BLE as project management agency on behalf of the BMEL, which partially or entirely address in situ and/or ex situ conservation of crop wild relatives in Germany.

Project name Project partner Period Data available in PGRDEU
Conservation and marketing of "forgotten" ornamental and medicinal plants as well as highly endangered plant species included in Annex II of the Habitats Directive of the European Union (05BM005) University of Marburg - Forschungszentrum für Gesellschaft und Ökologie e. V., Marburg 2006-2009  
Conservation of Malus sylvestris under in situ conditions in the Eastern Ore Mountains (06BM002/1) GRÜNE LIGA Osterzgebirge e.V., Dippoldiswalde,
JKI Institute for Breeding Research on fruit crops, Dresden-Pillnitz
Establishment of a reporting and monitoring system for the in situ conservation of genetic resources of crop wild relatives in Brandenburg (07BM002) Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNE)


Ensuring the survival of the wild vine Vitis vinifera L. ssp. sylvestris C. Gmel. in the Rhine floodplains through targeted in situ management (06BM001)

Karlsuhe Institute of Technology (KIT),
JKI Institute for Grapevine Breeding Geilweilerhof

2008-2013 x
Registration of genetic resources of rare and endangered tree species in Germany (2809BE002) State operation Forstry Brandenburg - State Competence Center Forestry Eberswalde (LFE), Eberswalde 2009-2013  
Establishment of a standard method for the investigation of genetic and specific adaptive differentiation of provenances using the example of the shrub species Prunus spinosa and Corylus avellana (07BM029) ISOGEN GmbH at the Institute for Forest Genetics, Göttingen 2009-2014  
Genebank for Crop Wild Relatives (CWR) (08BM008) Botanical Garden of the University of Osnabrück 2009-2014 x
Ex situ conservation of native wild plants - Establishment of a national portal (10BM015) Botanical Garden of the University of Potsdam 2010-2012 x
Conservation of the intraspecific diversity of native wild fruit species in Saxony (10BM025) State enterprise Sachsenforst - Competence Center Forest and Forestry - Department of Forest Genetics / Forest Plant Breeding, Pirna 2012-2017  
Genetic reserves for wild celery species (Apium and Helosciadium) as part of a network of genetic reserves in Germany (2814BM110) JKI Institute for Breeding Research in Agricultural Crops, Quedlinburg 2015-2018 x
Identification and preservation of historically ancient grasslands (2813BM001) University of Regensburg - Institute of Botany and Cell Biology 2014-2019 x
In situ conservation of crop wild relatives with a priority for food and agriculture using umbrella species (2819BM042) Geisenheim University - Institute for Landscape planning and nature conservation, Geisenheim 2020-2023  
Revitalization and ecological enhancement of acid grasslands through the enrichment and sustainable use of the medicinal plant Arnica montana (2820BM020) Botanical Garden of the University of Marburg 2021-2025