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List of priority wild plants for food and agriculture

List of priority crop wild relatives in Germany

The list of priority crop wild relatives (CWR) in Germany includes species that are native to Germany and are of importance for the further breeding of cultivated plants.

The list was compiled by the Information and Coordination Center for Biological Diversity (IBV) of the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food in cooperation with the Advisory and Coordination Committee for Genetic Resources of Agricultural and Horticultural Crops (BEKO) and through consultation with experts from the plant breeding sector and the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN). The list is continuously updated on the basis of new findings.

The list contains a total of 126 species. Of these, 44 species have been classified as special priority and 82 species as simple priority species. Profiles of the individual species are available in PGRDEU, including information on their importance for breeding, classification in endangerment and protection categories, and information on their availability in genebanks.

Established neophytes in the list are marked with an *.

List of priority WEL

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Botanical name Common name
Allium ursinum L. Bär-Lauch
Allium victorialis L. Allermannsharnisch
Apium graveolens L. Wilder Sellerie
Arnica montana L. Berg-Wohlverleih
Arum maculatum L. Gefleckter Aronstab
Asparagus officinalis L. Gemüse-Spargel
Atriplex calotheca (Rafn) Fr. Pfeilblättrige Melde
Avena fatua L. Flug-Hafer
Beta vulgaris subsp. maritima Beta-Rübe
Brassica napus L. * -